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(SQ) Spiritual Intelligence

Drawing on the “new” [c. 2000], upgraded science of the human brain with its three different kinds of neural structures—mental, emotional and spiritual—Danar Zohar offers a model for structure, leadership and learning within an organization that allows them to thrive on uncertainty, deal creatively with rapid change, and realize the full potential of those who lead or work with them. Thinking is not entirely cerebral, not just IQ, as we think with our heads but also with our emotions and our bodies (EQ) and our spirits, our values, our hopes, our unifying sense of meaning and value (SQ). Spiritual Intelligence is about having a direction in life, and being able to heal ourselves of all the resentment— It is thinking of ourselves as an expression of a higher reality.

The Hawaiian concept of health is that health is a state of peace and harmony, while sickness is a state of war and conflict. The urban shaman healer of the adventurer tradition does not try to stop war, either in the body or in the world, but instead seeks to create harmony. Here we have a precise understanding of defining sickness as a condition relating to tension and stress.

Listen to your inner voice. The work of scientists, psychologists, spiritual “pathfinders” and ancient wisdom and mythic traditions under girds the theory of spiritual intelligence and pedagogy. The transformative power of SQ distinguishes it from IQ and EQ: as IQ primarily solves logical problems; EQ allows us to judge the situation we are in and behave appropriately; SQ allows us to ask if we want to be in that situation in the first place. A high SQ is the best predictor of

• happiness
• serenity
• good self-esteem
• and harmonious & loving relationships.

Unlike IQ, however, which is linear, logical, quantifiable and rational, SQ cannot be quantified. “High SQ requires us to be deeply honest with ourselves. It requires us to face choices and to realize that sometimes the right choices are difficult ones. High SQ demands the most intense personal integrity. It demands that we become aware of and live out of that deep center of ourselves that transcends all the fragments into which our lives have shattered. It demands that we recollect ourselves, including those parts of ourselves that it has been painful or difficult to own. But most of all, high SQ demands that we stand open to experience, that we recapture our ability to see life and others afresh, as though through the eyes of a child, to learn how to tap into our intuition and visualization, as a powerful means of using our inner knowing to make a difference. It demands that we cease to seek refuge in what we know and constantly explore and learn from what we do not know. It demands that we live the questions rather than the answers.”

Spiritual intelligence is the need for and access to vision, values and a sense of higher purpose. Spiritual capital is putting these visions, values and higher purposes into practice.