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The Ant Rally

The brief was to create a relevant and unseen action that raises awareness for the WWF rainforest projects on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the WWF. The problem of rainforest deforestation is a well-known topic in our society. That’s why the main objective was to generate new interest for a mainly low interest topic. To involve former donators and potentially new ones, The Ant Rally came up with a totally unseen translation of an oftentimes-translated problem.

The strength in this idea is the usage of naturally given conditions and turning them into something unseen and unique. And be 100% relevant at the same time: Ants are highly threatened by deforestation and therefore the perfect organ to raise attention for this topic. By putting the animal in the centre of attention, The Ant Rally is a most appropriate action to the brand WWF.

The Ant Rally is the first action against rainforest deforestation that gives a voice to the creatures that experience the destruction at first hand. Their direct protest is what makes The Ant Rally unseen and unique. And what raises response for the project.

Within 5 days, The Ant Rally had a lot of news coverage in local newspapers, online platforms, TV- and radio shows and generated over a million contacts. The Case study titled THE ANT RALLY [image] was done by BBDO Dusseldorf advertising agency for product: WWF (brand: WWF) in Germany. It was released in the Jun 2013.

Source: Advertolog